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uh...hi there

Hey guys, saw this while searching for RPGs and such

Name's Govind, I live in West Chester, PA, graduated from Henderson High in 2002, and I've been attending Rochester Institute of Technology up in Rochester, NY, where I'm hoping to get my BS in Computer Science & Minor in Criminal Justice in 2007.

I've play regular D&D 3.5, RPGA's D&D 3.5 Living Greyhawk, and Rifts. I've had all three of my characters die in regular D&D 3.5, one out of three characters die in Living Greyhawk. Other than that, I have currently a Level 1 Elven Fighter & a Level 3 Half-Elf Ranger for Living Greyhawk, and a Level 4 Canadian Headhunter Techno-warrior and a Level 3 Wilderness Scout for Rifts.

Currently, I'd be interested in any Rifts games that would be going on in the Philadelphia area during the summer / college breaks, or somehow online. I also have a D20 Modern character, a Level 1 Smart Technician, set up, but I haven't been able to find a D20 Modern game.

Any questions or something like that, feel free to comment or send an IM or something (contact info is in my LJ user info). Hope to talk to you guys soon :).
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