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Ellen R. Griffith

Game plug Xposted

(Now with extra angst and suffering)

Philadelphia was being plagued by a series of murders, a young girl was suspected to have killed now more than 10 young men, 5 of them right in or near center city Philly. But the girl has gone missing, and no one seems care. The University District has been plagued by odd happenings, and another suicide has been discovered, and a memorial serious is to be held this Friday night. The elders are acting, odd. Or at least odder than usual and they wind their way around the new prince and his court. The Lancea Sanctum has come to power within this usually Dragon held city, politics are afoot, and no one wants to be beneath the sturdy shoes of the newly appointed Archbishop Steege. The fountains of energy in the city seem to be drying up, or at least slowing to a trickle for some odd reason, and the newly reformed Kindred City is about to have a number of surprises. Not all of them pleasant or even profitable.

What will happen next in The Requiem?
Come to Liberty By Night this Friday to find out!

What? Philly Cam game Requiem Venue
Where? Ellen and Adams house (till a more suitable local is found)
When? 7pm is sign in & Bluebooking (first come first serve) 8-12pm Game on!
How? Google for directions
2519 Cedar Tree Drive
Bldg 8 Apt 1B
Wilmington, DE 19810

This game we will be raffling off the chance to win half of your membership paid for by LbN. Bring an extra buck for the raffle, or let us know online that you want in if you cant make the game.

After the story comes the show….

Battlestar Galactica will be playing at 1am after game. All are invited to stay and pull up a chair to watch. Donations to the food cause are always welcome. Just let me know if you are staying for BSG. Yes... There can be coffee.
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