He who no longer lies dead and dreaming (radiofreerlyeh) wrote in philagamers,
He who no longer lies dead and dreaming

Travellercon , Lancaster, Pa. Oct 17-19

OK, so its Lancaster, but still pretty close. Travellercon features the various incarnations of the classic GDW role-playing game: TRAVELLER

Greetings all,

With the 2008 summer convention season now passing into shining memory,
we've been busy preparing for TRAVELLERcon II in October.

Actually, TRAVELLERcon II is only a bit over EIGHT weeks away.

We've added more games to the schedule, and we're talking with a
potential guest to speak on Saturday. I shouldn't tell you who it is,
but I'll confirm right away that it isn't one of the Big Three (Marc
Miller, Frank Chadwick or Loren Wiseman). It's one of the Second
GDWers and prolific MegaTraveller authors. More details anon.

So, check out the updated schedule and please get your registrations in.


That is all for now,
Keith F.
Event Coordinator
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