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h to the ello!

hiya, everybody! my name's Lori, i'm a sophomore at west chester university. i recently just started getting into Heroclix. they're great! one problem, tho, i have no one to play with! would anybody be willing to meet up somewhere, maybe at a tournament, or something, to show me the ropes?? i'd greatly appreciate it, folks. if you're interested in de-n00bing me(that sounds sick, but i'm referring to the game :), my aim sn is: L B Rizzon. and my email is browneyedlori@gmail.com.
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Saloncon 08

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So Adam and I started our Requiem game last week.

And yes... It Rocked

Feel free to Email for Info :)

OH!!! And we are looking for an AST or a Nar.
PLEASE Contact us if you are interested.
There are far to many players for the two of us alone.
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Hello everyone.
I'm currently living 20 minutes North of Philly and am currently looking for other RPGs, LARPs, Foam fighting groups. Well anything I can find. Is anyone in the area?


Only 50 days 'til Philcon 2004!

The Philadelphia Science Fiction Society presents Philcon, the premiere regional conference of Science Fiction and Fantasy since 1937. Philcon 2004 is being held at the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown on December 10th-12th, 2004.

Be sure to check out the gaming track!
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